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Subject:  Philip Fisher and the Honey Jar Date:  1/16/2001  4:14 PM
Author:  TMFMycroft Number:  50894 of 157244

Philip Fisher and the Honey Jar

I will try from now on to bring the lessons that I have learned from studying Philip Fisher to the message boards in order to try and help the small investor understand some of the wonderful things that can be learned from the Grand Master. This will be my attempt to give something back to Philip Fisher who has influenced my life in such a big way. Every page of "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits" has something to offer. The ability to see through the meaning on each paragraph, take years of study and experience. Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on what I have learned in the last 17 years of being a Fisher Analyst.

I will attempt to teach Fisher by using the following companies as they are of key interest to me from as an Analyst.

Cisco Systems

You will notice that all these companies are technology companies. Well for those who don't know Philip Fisher concentrated on Technology companies for most of his career. He was fascinated by them and as I get older, I too have become more and more fascinated by them as well.

Now let us proceed with our Journey into analyzing the work of Philip Fisher.

On page 174 of "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits"

There is a passage that I find vitally important for every investor to learn;