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Subject:  What pharmaceutical companies are out there? Date:  1/19/2001  10:08 AM
Author:  Digger65 Number:  37 of 896

Since this is a relatively new board and also doesn't have much traffic, I thought I would post two links to messages that I had posted in other boards before this one existed.

The first is "Global Competitiveness ranking of pharma/health" and is from the Biotechnology board last September.

The second was on a Fool Seminar board which is destined to go away so I've cut and pasted it below.

Hope some of you here find these useful or interesting.


----------- Excerpted Message -----------

Subject: Re: *** Alliances - who matters? ***

From "Top 50 Pharmaceutical Companies of 1999," L.J. Sellers, Associate Editor
Pharmaceutical Executive, Volume 20, Number 4, April 2000, 62.

1. Merck
2. Pfizer
3. AstraZeneca
4. Bristol-Myers Squibb
5. Glaxo Wellcome
6. Aventis
7. SmithKline Beecham
8. Novartis
9. Johnson & Johnson
10. Eli Lilly
11. Roche
12. American Home Products
13. Warner-Lambert
14. Schering-plough
15. Pharmacia & Upjohn
16. Takeda
17. Bayer
18. BASF
19. Sanofi-Synthelabo
20. Sankyo
21. Boehringer Ingelheim
22. Monsanto (Searle)
23. Shionogi
24. Schering AG
25. Amgen
26. Yamanouchi
27. Eisai
28. Akzo Nobel
29. Merch KGaA
30. Novo Nordisk
31. Abott Laboratories
32. Daiichi
33. Fujisawa
34. Kyowa
35. DuPont
36. Banyu
37. Tanabe Seiyaki
38. Chugai
39. Solvay
40. Purdue
41. Ares-Serono
42. Genentech
43. Teva
44. Alza
45. Genzyme
46. 3M
47. Schwarz Pharma
48. ICN
49. Biogen
50. Elan

Don't forget that since this article came out,
Pfizer (2) bought Warner-Lambert (13), Pharmacia and Upjohn (15)
merged with Monsanto (22) to form Pharmacia, and GlaxoWellcome (5)
combined with SmithKline Beecham (7).

Note that biotechs Amgen, Ares-Serono, Genetech,
Genzyme and Biogen all made it. (I'm still not sure
whether to consider Elan a biotech.)

However, the intro to the article talks about how
difficult it is to measure. They tried to rand based
on global pharmaceutical sales.

Sellers writes:

No revenues from chemicals, diagnostics, nutritional products, or medical
devices were included. We excluded royalties and milestone payments
as well. Even narrowing the criteria to pharmaceuticals was
difficult. Some companies include OTC products, vaccines, and therapeutic
proteins in their pharma sales. Others do not.

Did we mention foreign currency exchange rates that change from day to day? Or that
some privately held companies are happy to report their earnings while
others are not? Some judgment calls were necessary.

FYI, according to the article Merck was