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Subject:  Re: Considering Bankruptcy (semi-long) Date:  1/21/2001  6:49 PM
Author:  nomorecards Number:  54954 of 312189

"He has a hard time making ends meet because his child support payments alone are 60% of his
take home; on top of that he has alimony and the children's medical bills which because of a
couple surgeries is quite large."

Hi married2debtor,

Something doesn't sound right.

When one gets a divorce it's usually Child Support
or Alimony (which by the way is the high cost of leaving. :>))But not both! and it should be no greater than 28% of your after tax take home pay.
If he is actually paying 60% by GAWD go back to court
and file for a modification you don't even need a lawyer for this!!(but I'm not suggesting it)
I personally have handled all my own modifications with a great deal of success and I'm no Perry Mason!
Also on the medical front yes usually the husband will supply medical coverage but split the cost of uninsured medical with the $%#%& ex wife.
Been there, done that, finished paying CS.(child support)!

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