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Subject:  Re: Well, I suppose an intro is in order Date:  1/29/2001  6:41 PM
Author:  jbking Number:  23 of 381

Greetings CK,

HOW do you define comfort?

Comfort for me is defined by either feeling cozy and warm or being able to get there. If I don't like a job, I can quit. If I want to move, I can do it. Why? Because I'll have that next thing, flexibility to get somewhere else.

HOW do you want your life to be flexible?

I want it to be flexible in that I can change things if I want to and not have to worry about things. I want to have the notion that, "If I never get paid another buck, I'll still be fine."

What exactly will you being doing to get you those things?

Save alot, invest some, let time do its thing and try to find out more about myself and see if I can move myself into a job with a certain level of flexibility that I could say, "Yeah, I could do for 40 years and have very few regrets" or try to see where I'd live that works well for what I like in life and what I don't like such as climate, city benefits, etc.

So, what do you see yourself doing in your ideal day?

Wake up at some point in the morning a few minutes before my alarm clock would wake me up and have some morning smoochies before I go off to that thing I do for enjoyment, whether it be techie or finance guy it doesn't quite matter at the moment. So, I get to the office(Which could be a part of the house or somewhere else) and get deep into some projects that make me feel good and have an effect on others. After working for a while, go for lunch with some buddies and get back into this thing and make something happen. Go home to the wifey and kids and have some afternoon catchup and unwinding and then dinner, some tele and smoochies before sleep.

Just remember you asked for it! :-)

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