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Subject:  How to get a Credit Card? Date:  1/30/2001  4:20 PM
Author:  vkguttal Number:  56119 of 312188

Hello Folks.

I am new to this country and have come here on a work permit, H1B Visa (i.e.,I am not a Green Card holder or a citizen). I earn upto 100,000/annum. Since my entry into this country, I am facing a Catch22 situation. I can't get a credit card because I dont have a credit history and I can't build one as I dont have a credit card.

Further to this Credit card saga, I am facing an uphill task of getting any credit sanctioned however samm it is and hence the services associated with them : be it car loan, renting apartment, getting a car on rent or worst even getting telephone connection, electicity gas connection, Cell phone service....

All these guys seek so called 'Credit History'. As I am new, I have NONE! They seem to believe the credit reporting agencies about my ability to pay back the debts rather than believing other forms of proofs like my pay stubs, employer letter, co-signer etc.

I would not have terribly worried about not having the credit card at all and would have managed with Checks and cash, but here in USA, it seems that one can't live without a Credit Card as in some places they dont even accept checks or CASH (for example like car rental agencies)!. Hence I need that magic card called 'Credit Card' BADLY to build up the Credit History etc.

I have tried relentlessly in getting credit card from a number of Credit Card companies like Banks, Credit Union (for example DCU) etc. All have turned me down saying that I DONT HAVE A CREDIT HISTORY. I am not a member of any Credit Union neither is my company and hence Credit union do not issue me a credit card.

I even tried to get a Secure Card from Bank of America to build up my credit history. That was also turned as I am not a Green Card Holder/Citizen. They have stated that, they keep the deposit with them for six months, before issuing a Secure Card against my deposit! My question is what do i do till six months?

I have a Checking account with Citi Bank and unfortunately, they don't have Secure Card facility and can not issue me Credit Card for the same reasons.

Is there any way out from this catch22 situation. Can you guys suggest Credit Card company/s who can issue guys like me to get a Credit Card or a Secure Card? in a reasonable time?
Thanks in advance
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