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Subject:  Re: How to get a Credit Card? Date:  1/30/2001  8:38 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  56202 of 312187

I have a Checking account with Citi Bank and unfortunately, they don't have Secure Card facility and can not issue me Credit Card for the same reasons.

Is there any way out from this catch22 situation. Can you guys suggest Credit Card company/s who can issue guys like me to get a Credit Card or a Secure Card? in a reasonable time?

Vijay, one thing you might try is this: take out a small loan from your bank. If you have an account there you shouldn't have too many problems, particularly if you make it for less than what you have in the account. Pay it back within two months, wait for a couple of weeks, then ask the bank if that has established enough of a credit history to allow you to get a low-limit card. You might also try for a store card or a gas card, because the companies tend to hand those out readily.

Once you have a couple of cards and a small credit history, you'll need to get a shredder to handle all the offers.

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