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Subject:  Re: Credit Card Company vs. Consumer Date:  2/5/2001  6:25 PM
Author:  FinancialFemme Number:  56965 of 309665

This is an email I sent to the Attorney General of Alaska. Please any advice on this issue would be appreciated.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm looking in the right place, but I was told by my credit card company that if I had an issue with them I needed to take it up with the attorney general, not them. I sent two post-dated checks (with the dates highlighted yellow and hand-written "Not Valid Until" on it) to my credit card company earlier this year. These checks would have fullfilled my payment arrangement with them and I sent it in as a sign of good faith.


Sorry to hear about your battles with the credit cards.

I can't speak to your questions on the legality/illegality of the credit card company cashing your post-date, but I have always been under the impression that it is illegal to post-date a check without sufficient funds to cover it.

Please let me advise on your email to the Alaska Att. General. It is HIGHLY unlikely that your email will be read by the AG. A general staffer, maybe even an intern will read your email. Because of the way an AG's office is organized, your best bet is to call the AG's general number, briefly describe your problem as a consumer issue pertaining to a credit card and ask for the name and address of the appropriate department and name of the best person within that