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Subject:  The British Invasion FAQ - V1R1R79 Date:  2/7/2001  6:30 PM
Author:  codefusion Number:  45737 of 555426

The British Invasion FAQ Version 1 Release 1 Revision 79 (bisfaq01-01-79)

Q. Will this FAQ answer all my questions?
A. There is no way that this FAQ will answer all your questions; if it did, there would be no need for a revision of the FAQ in the future, nor would you have to stick around and read the board! It is designed to answer only frequently asked questions (hence the title), and some infrequently asked ones that people came up with good answers for (Funnily Answered Questions).

Q. Does this FAQ replace an earlier one?

Q. What is the purpose of the British Invasion board?
A. The original purpose of the British Invasion board is lost in the mists of time, though if you read the first 1000 posts, you'll get a clue. Posts such as this one, from the ever generous MizBlue, led to a rethinking of the original flawed strategy:
Nowadays the board exists mainly to foster greater understanding between all the posters here, whether British, American, German, French Samoan or whatever. Oh, and we like to have a laugh too.

Q. So, do you still do any invading these days?
A. No, not really. We do still have victories though; one of the greatest strategies has gone down in BI history as the Meringue Manoeuvres. Under the direction of Eslington, inferior Lemon Meringue Pies were purchased at a bargain rate (with the aid of Moneypenny's contacts) and utilized as missiles. The enemy was SPLATTered in every corner and by ambush, creating such disgust, that they backed off in defeat. There was no residual waste; it went down in history as being "for the birds."
For information, the last known invasion rules can be found here:

Q. Can Fools of other nationalities post here?
A. But of course!!! As long as you are British.
Okay, you don't have to be British, but even if you're not, go ahead and let people think you might be--just to watch the fun and confusion! Or don't, we welcome (nearly) all posters here.

Q. What subjects can be posted here?
A. Anything and everything, in either order.

Q. What are the 3 Rs?
A. The 3 Rs are: Read, Rec (recommend), and Reply. The term was coined shortly after the strategy was first devised.

Q. But what does Read, Rec, and Reply mean?
A. Many posters here believe that you should read each post, recommend each post, and then reply to each post. This has been found to be a successful strategy.

Q. What was the 7th April Campaign?
A. This was the greatest bluff since 1939, when a bunch of British football fans stood behind a robust French wall and chanted “Come on over here if you think you're hard enough!” Strangely though, this time it worked, Sapper iccy first congratulated America
and then almost single-handedly took her to pieces. He posted “War and Peace” in it's entirety, and was later decorated (really!) for posting above and beyond the call of duty.
Calls home for reinforcements were made:
Sadly the least said about the response the better! That post explained the aim; the result was a total victory gained by a handful of Brits with their Empire loyalists, standing behind iccy's stout wall of “War and Peace”. Colonel Lawrence remained holed up with Britney Spears in St. Tropez for much of the day, protecting the Squadron's most secret weapon, it was this action that gave the operation it's code name, STD (St. Tropez Day), we went topless and trounced our beloved cousins as the days posts testify!
Sapper iccy also plays the saxophone, which has driven away many foes and has proven quite effective for guard duty, he is currently appearing in pantomime at the Bradford Alhambra as Buttons the saxophonist (Tickets available on the door).

Q. Did Sapper iccy actually read “War and Peace”?
A. Yes, twice, and probably again soon (according to the man himself).

Q. Was that bit about him appearing in pantomime true?
A. Of course not!

Q. What is the Hearts and Minds Campaign?
A. The Hearts & Minds Campaign is the steadfast posting to the BIS Board at TMF, without maliciousness or hate, and always in good humour. It is our belief that no matter what your race, creed, colour, religion, planetary system, the number of your stars, the colour of your stars, or your spelling ability, your post strengthens the board. We are led by the motto and attitude of our Three Musketeers & D'artagnan "All for One and One for All."

Q. Who are the Three Musketeers & D'artagnan?
A. D'artagnan is iccy
Athos is Ezlington
Porthos is ColonelLawrence
Arimis is codefusion

Q. Who are the leaders of the British Invasion Squadron?
A. From the top down:
HRHh WorldRecordGuy™, The Bloody King of England.
Field Marshal Lord mhowel.
Commanding Officer Colonel Lawrence.

Q. How did WorldRecordGuy™, an American, become The Bloody King of England?
A. With this rather ballsy move while we were away invading. We ignored him, and he not only hasn't gone away since, he now claims to be the Queen as well.

Q. What or who is HRHh, and what does it stand for?
A. Sorry, but the virtual monarchy of BI is retarded.

Q. What has Field Marshal Lord mhowel done to rise so high?
A. He led the troops through the bloodiest, grittiest trench battles. With the promise of a pint for every member, the Invaders fearlessly followed him into battle. Probably no other leader inspired such loyalty to Queen, country, and the local pub.

Q. And what about Colonel Lawrence? Tell me about him.
A. Colonel Lawrence is stationed in Arabia. Incensed with injustice in the harems, he has been engaged in relations of great delicacy via direct orders from the Prince. The popular expression, "I'll walk a mile for a Camel" is attributed to him. Considered a knowledgeable and wise man, when he returns to headquarters he generously bears gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. (Does anyone have any recipes for myrrh?)

Q. Being so far from home, lonely, and in unfamiliar surroundings, how do the troops manage to stay out of trouble?
A. Emma holds the Invaders' balls. This takes off some of the pressure.

Q. What are the BIS balls?
A. The balls are generally held for a week to give all troopers a chance to join in the festivities. Even though the board may be slow on a given day, take a few minutes to enjoy the decorations, food & music. Someone is always virtually around to take a spin around the dance floor, or walk about the grounds for relaxation from the festivities. So please post new, reply to any post, and feel a part of our balls.
This lyric was the inspiration for the balls:

Q. When is the next BI ball?
A. You can find a full schedule for the 2001 balls here:

Q. Should I PP a post?
A. Generally no. Everything on BI should stay in order to maximise the post count and help get the board into the “Best Of” list each day, unless it's so totally offensive that brown stuff starts oozing from your ears and your eyes light up “TILT” at the mere sight of it. If these things happen, you are an android made out of pinball table spares and should really have better things to do with your time. If you aren't an android or have registered as one in your profile (which is good), you should simply read, rec, and reply, or start a new thread. And don't PP your own post if you've written something stupid, that's just the sort of post we like.

Q. What is a doppel?
A. A backward leppod. Ok, more seriously, a shadow of one's self, a doppelganger. Look at this for a 'How to' guide:

Q. What is iccy's name this week?
A. SapperIccy1776, no wait, SuperIccy, no, wait, IccyPop... For heaven's sake, will someone please take the pen and the roll of name tags away from iccy for just 5 minutes????

Q. Which Invader suffered the greatest injury?
A. That would have to be Eslington, after his first foolicide (see “What is foolicide?”). He morphed into special operative HeadLice, suffered great head trauma, and became preoccupied about his mates and reproduction of his species. Thoroughly disliked as he tried to get ahead, he was often declared a big itch by those who wanted to scratch him off. His sole successor, a Louse, was overcome by loneliness and rejection when consigned to an armed pit. Just when it appeared he was going down the drain, he morphed again. He's now an S.S. man. (Stress-Syndrome)

Q. What is foolicide?
A. Well, more to the point what was it? As foolicide is now history! Long ago and far away when you changed your user name all things changed! All was lost; stars, faves, recs, post counts, portfolios, everything! It was as if you had opened a new account when you changed your user name. As a protest at an arbitrary limit of only being permitted 100 favourite Fools Eslington changed names on 999 posts and gave up his red star.
Contemporaneous explanation:
The act of public immolation brought notoriety to the BI board and resulted in TMF actually taking notice of the Improve the Fool board. All too often good points were raised both here and in the UK on the respective Improve the Fool boards and no feedback or changes were forthcoming. Because of the attention the sacrifice of a red star gained there seemed to be a sea change in the attitude of TMF. A subsequent upgrade (initially disastrous) restored all the lost posts to Eslington (and others who had changed their name), though all favourite Fools were lost. There was a bonus