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Subject:  Paying my Dues Date:  2/15/2001  11:23 PM
Author:  SSchey Number:  213 of 381

Warning long post follows:

With the general premise of this board being "Share your plan to help it come true" I think it is time to pay my dues and share my plans.

This plan is a work in progress, so let me give you some background.

Step one -- Born and raised in the not to far north of Ft. Wayne In. I spend my early years carring papers and saving for collage. My father did me a very great favor of taking to the factories he worked in from time to time. This convinced me that making a living with your head rather than your hands my be a good idea.

Step two -- Growing up! This is very different from being "born and raised". I did attend that collage, but let my grades slide and received a letter from the goverement which began "GREETINGS". Spending a year is southeast asia as a somewhat human target will make you GROWUP very fast.

Step three -- Making a living. Back in the world and back in school. The grades were up but still no real plan for my life's work when I discovered computers. This looked like fun. The best advice I ca