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Subject:  Re: Credit where credit is due Date:  2/16/2001  9:48 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  46622 of 127638

<<I reply: Don't hold your breath, Bob. It took a lot of prodding to get Peter Thelander's article acknowledged, and even then Fool HQ attributed it to Roy in some blurb. There have been other examples.>>

Hang on a second, here. When Peter's article was written, he got the bi-line. In fact, if you go to the article in qustion
you'll still see that it was written by him, fully attributed.

But when the folks at HQs "point" to various articles, and since virtually all of the tax articles have been written by me, they might forget to look at the writer and just assume the author. So this was a simple oversight...nothing sinister.

<<One significant flaw at the Fool is that Fool HQ seems incapable of acknowledging the contributions of the community>>

I'm really sorry that you feel that way. When I had more time to spend in the folder, I never felt that way. The folder was run by folks like yourself and Bob (and others...obviously...don't want to leave anybody out now) who took the time to read, think, and post. I have always tried to recognize that fact.

Again, I'm sorry that this has left a bitter taste in your mouth. I'll work hard to try and rid you of that taste in the future.

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