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Subject:  Re: Credit where credit is due Date:  2/16/2001  10:22 PM
Author:  Bob78164 Number:  46624 of 127753

TMFTaxes writes (in part):

Again, I wasn't tryiing to steal your thunder. I simply didn't remember the original conversation. So please accept my apologies...and I'll do whatever I can to correct the oversight, and even point folks to the thread so they can read the entire discussion.

I reply:

Class shows, my friend. Apology accepted.

Given the disagreement between Kaye's conclusion and your own, I think it only prudent to point people to the thread. As to attribution, I'd like to be identified by my real name and screen name. I believe I've seen ElricSeven's "professional" identity mentioned on the site from time to time; I'd certainly appreciate being identified as a practicing litigation attorney in Los Angeles.

Off the top of my head, language along the lines of the following should do the trick: "The first person I'm aware of to broach this idea was Robert Shore, a Los Angeles litigation attorney and regular contributor to the Tax Strategies board as Bob78164. In his May 1, 1999, post [the word "post" should be linked in threaded mode], he calls this technique the 'Shore sale' and analyzes its availability under the then-recent amendments to the Code. Ultimately, after an exchange with Kaye Thomas of , Bob concluded that the Shore sale does not work."

I'm by no means wedded to this language either in content or style. It's just a starting point that I suggest. --Bob
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