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Subject:  Re: What comes first? Date:  2/17/2001  9:41 PM
Author:  Mark0Young Number:  27967 of 80937

I'll post my reasoning as well as the nest (next?) egg priorities and you can see if the reasons make sense to you.

Am I spreading myself too thin?

This really depends on your plans. Generally, after getting high-interest debt paid off, it is a good idea to build up an emergency fund with the equivalent of 3 to 6 months of living expenses. If one also has significant purchases or expenses planned for sometime in the future but before 59.5, you may want to save or invest for that, too, at least in part.

What comes first?

1. The way your message is worded, it isn't clear if the 7% employer contribution is to your 403(b) or to something separate. If it is to the 403(b) and contingent on you also contributing to the 403(b), then I would recommend contributing at least to the point where you get the maximum employer match, if feasable.

2. After that, I would generally recommend a Roth IRA. The money within a Roth IRA grows t