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Subject:  Re: Is Life Meaningless? Date:  2/23/2001  4:18 PM
Author:  estd Number:  83 of 3160

My point is that nothing you have (likely) ever encountered in your life would lead you to believe such a thing. There is no basis for your (non)belief. You've simply made it up, pulled it out of your @$$ for no good reason. There is nothing in our world that indicates your (non)belief is the appropriate way to (not)believe. Everything in the human experience indicates to the vast majority of the human population that some things ARE knowable. That we CAN understand some things through experience and exerimentation. Your odd faith in total meaninglessness is unsupported by human history. People love, hate, and die for other people. We've (almost) all found meaning, whether in other people or ultimately in a diety. You're denying the value of common human wisdom and knowledge accumulated over millenia. What prompted you to do so?

Actually my beliefs, theories, philosophy, whatever is based completely on experience. It jives totally with human experience. Everything in the human experience indicates that nothing is KNOWABLE. Experience and experimentation show us that we never trully understand anything. The more we experiment and study the more we find out that we just don't know. When we think we have something figured out, something else comes along that overturns it.

Sure there are lots of little things that make life easier to live if you pretend they are true and knowable. It is easy to pretend that there are absolute meanings to things, even when there is none. We all agree to play by roughly the same rules when we are playing the “I am human” game. It just makes the game a bit easier. But there is nothing that is truly knowable in it.

Do you really have a wife and kid? If so, how sad that you find no meaning in them. My sincerest sympathy to them, i hope you one day learn to love, believing fully that "love" truly exists and IS what we all believe it to be.

Oh yes, I have a wife an kid and speaking as the entity playing the human game, I love them more than life itself. Is there any meaning to that? Not really. If the earth were to spin into the sun tomorrow, would it make a difference to the universe? To God? I don't think so.

I must clarify. I meant "real" and "definable" in the sense that He has revealed Himself in a small, limited way to me personally. I can define His reality to me, but i cannot apply a definition that encompasses all of who He is, because you are right, to do so would limit Him and make Him less than God. The God i believe in created the universe, all time and all space, thus He exists independently of our world. He is completely limitless.

I kind of figured that was your take on it and I am glad to hear it. Some people really believe god to be definable and knowable. I am glad to hear that you don't ascribe to such a belief.

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