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Subject:  Re: Is Life Meaningless? Date:  2/23/2001  5:24 PM
Author:  Enilkrennad Number:  84 of 3159

Everything in the human experience indicates that nothing is KNOWABLE. Experience and experimentation show us that we never trully understand anything. The more we experiment and study the more we find out that we just don't know.

Correct me if i'm wrong. What i'm understanding from the above is that you have arrived at your POV by observing human limitations on knowledge. Because people often stand firmly planted on opposite sides of an issue, because one scientific discovery supercedes another and changes our "understanding" of the universe, and because people in general realize how much we all really do NOT know, you have come to the conclusion that we actually know NOTHING at all? Is that a fair statement of your POV?

I still don't see what happened to make you (not)believe as you do. All that means is that we still have a lot to learn. Knowing relatively little in the scope of the whole universe and knowing NOTHING at all are two very different things. Reaching one conclusion should not necessarily lead you to reach the other. What possible reason do you have for not believing that the computer screen you're reading this post on does not actually exist? It's really there and you are reading my thoughts as expressed in cyberspace, thus you know something.

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