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Subject:  A theory Date:  2/23/2001  11:39 PM
Author:  nf Number:  215 of 26618

I am floting a theory here,and expect a lot of snoballs to get thrown at it.Keep an open mind but don't let your brains fall out (I have a problem with that):).

The Hovin theory;(paraphrasid)

Way back when,the earth was containd by a sphere of ice.Somewhere betwean us and the moon.At that time the
earth was much smoother (no mountains) and the oceans were not as deep.(yes,less water on earth).This would
make earth like a greenhouse.Palm trees growing on or near the
south pole,etc.

Noa is about done with the ark.And a whole messa little comits (I can't remember part of it here).Are attractid to the magnetic poles of the earth.They smash
the ice (which turns to rain) and smack into the poles.
This causes a great deal of plate dissrupshon all by itself.But now the poles freez real fast.And the wolly
mammoths think "Hey what's goin on" as -200 degree "snow" is falling on them.

Now it's raining like crazy.The poles are freezing.And noah lifts off.A global flood.

The pressure of the water combined with the smaking
and freezing cause massive shifts as to solid ground.Mountains and vallys are formed in a short time.
Also the earth is "all shook up" hmm,hmm,oh yea yea,and
re settles.Or should I say restratifys.

The waters aswage (interisting word and mispelled I am sure) and the ark parks as solid earth rises and vallys (oceans) deepen.


PS Yes I know that the pressure of the water would have 0 effect on plate shift after the planit was covered.But massive amounts of water in low areas as the flood is beginning is something to consider.

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