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Subject:  Re: Is Life Meaningless? Date:  2/24/2001  1:10 PM
Author:  estd Number:  89 of 3159

Can you tell me anything that you know with absolutely no doubt?

I exist. My wife exists. I love her.

This is very nice. I love her too. ;-). This whole side track of existence versus non-existence is really quite immaterial. I will grant you that there is some level of existence depending on your definition. I will say that no particular thing exists. In fact I don't really believe in the concept of things. Nouns do not exist. If we do exist it is a verbs. We are a doing, a waving, a wiggling.

I still argue that the you that you perceive as you does not really exist. You are just a piece of the whole mess and the whole mess is a big wiggling verb.

I recognize the color blue. I can distinguish between a circle and a square. 1+1=2. 2+2=4. Etc. Etc. I could go on all day.

(I am now shifting my focus from the view of the whole to address a specific human knowledge of enilkrennad). As for these specific pieces of "knowledge". Yes, these are are very well and true within an arbitrary definition that you have decided to impose upon them. Recognition of color works if you are dealing with an entity with the ability to see in the visible spectrum which is not color blind. Furthermore, it works between entities if both of the entities have similar back grounds and have decided that the collection of letter b-l-u-e happen to be a symbol for a particular range of light vibrations in the visible spectrum. More simply "recognition is not knowledge".

Aritmetic rules 1+1 = 2 , etc. also work within the realm certain boundaries. 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apples, but 1 sperm + 1 egg = 1 being, or nothing. 1 idea + 1 idea can = an inifite range of ideas or complete idiocacy.

Clever take on "I think therefore i am." One problem for you though, you admitted that either you exist because you think, or that at the very least your thoughts exist. Either way, SOMETHING exists, even if you can't be sure what. Thus you know SOMETHING, and if you can know something, you can know other things as well.