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Subject:  Re: Is Life Meaningless? Date:  2/24/2001  1:35 PM
Author:  estd Number:  90 of 3160

BTW, ever read "No Man Is An Island" by Thomas Merton?

There's a good part about a third of the way through about how man constantly tries throughout life to see himself because he doesn't believe he exists. And so he examines the froth that his life churns up, the wake that he is constantly leaving behind, looking for some kind of meaning in it, some way to define himself.

I mention it, because in all this talk of meaninglessness, you remembered that you mentioned Rene and included a link for Danner

sure a life churns up a wake. furthermore, it is nothing but wake. we are just a stirring of ripples in whole slimy sea.

sorry, but i reserve the right to change context and meanings of words at random wthiout warning. you have been warned.

i do like the idea that 'no man is an island'. of course we are all connected and what one being does has profound effects upon everyone and everything else. that doesn't mean there is any meaning behind any of it.

You are well acquainted with your own actions, and believe that they exist, no?

no, i do not exist. The i that you are typing to is just another swell in the sea of glup. There is no individual I. It is an illusion.

By the way, I, estd do exist as a separate entity and as a separate human that performs actions and is very familiar with most of those actions. Different context. Different answers. All definitions and boundaries are equally arbitrary and valid and invalid.

I have a picture of you in my mind. And it is really you, for all I know. You have jet-black hair and wear "jams" and flip-flops while strolling the beach.

and that picture in your mind is as valid and real an entity as the one typing on this keyboard.

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