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Subject:  Re: Is Life Meaningless? Date:  2/26/2001  9:19 AM
Author:  estd Number:  96 of 3160

I will grant you that there is some level of existence depending on your definition.

HA! You've admitted defeat : ) Your words, "there is some level of existence..." So we know THIS MUCH. Why cannot other things be known as well?

No, we don't know it. I am just trying to get beyond a minor point and on with the discussion. I believe that matter and energy exist. I believe that separate humans exist. I believe that you believe you exist. I also believe that there is no such thing as separate humans. That matter and energy are just arbitrary definitions.

I still argue that the you that you perceive as you does not really exist.

You can argue that, but how do you know you're right, as you also argue that nothing can be known? I'll grant you that i may not perceive myself exactly as i AM, but my perception is irrelevant. That i DO EXIST is without question.

There is no “I”, just the perceptions. Perhaps the perceptions exist. Who cares one way or the other.

Yes, these are are very well and true within an arbitrary definition that you have decided to impose upon them.

Ah ha! Another admission of defeat. Something else TRUE within a certain definition imposed. And that definition is not arbitrary at all; it has been arrived at by the mutual agreement of mankind for it is useful. Nothing "arbitrary" about it, unless you have some completely different understanding of "arbitrary."

Of course things can be true within certain definitions. That is the way the entire human mind works. It makes up definitions and then thinks it knows the truth. If I define the word “apple” to be what you think of as a “banana”, then by my definition, it is trully an apple. But all the definitions are arbitrary and all the truth is arbitrary. You can say you absolutley know something and that is true and I can say I absolutely KNOW the opposite and that is true. It is all arbitrary point of view specific. There is no ulitmate reality. No ultimate truth.

Aritmetic rules 1+1 = 2 , etc. also work within the realm certain boundaries.

Again, the boundaries have been set by mankind's exploration and understanding of the universe. Just because you can imagine some queer situation where 1+1 does not = 2 doesn't mean that *I* don't KNOW that it DOES under 99.999% of circumstances. Again, just because exceptions exist doesn't make the RULE false.

Actually 1 exception does prove the rule false. The rule may still be relatively good for predictive value, but it is not “true”.

Though i believe in absolute knowledge that i cannot prove to you, i also believe in absolute knowledge of day to day working knowledge. Yes, some things are true in some situations and some things are false in other situations. But either i or someone else knows when they ARE true and when they ARE false. We KNOW.

No, you believe that you know. There is a difference.

This is fun.

Now, you are getting it. It's cool isn't it?

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