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Subject:  Re: Is Life Meaningless? Date:  2/26/2001  10:35 AM
Author:  apetrel Number:  102 of 3160

I also believe that ultimate, absolute Truth exists in the person of God Himself. Thus the entire world is permeated by lesser truths that emanate from God. So absolute Truth is essential to my understanding of the universe and life. Life has meaning given to it by God. .....Without it, humanity would not have progressed to where we are now. Everyone WOULD have killed themselves.

One more time, trust christians at your peril.

They have no personal moral compass. What seperates many of them from being a total bastard,a criminal mastermind,a despoiler of women, and even enjoying themselves for the fun it, is fear of their god and that pile of junk known as the bible. If they forget about god for awhile,(and of course they always have the repentance/forgiveness gambit to fall back on), you are lucky you are not one of their victims.
On their own, they are without a moral compass and dangerous. In effect they are hollow, just a shell, tightly bound by the hard wiring of belief in the omnipotence of the easter bunny.

The reason many christians distrust and fear atheists is that they persoanlly have so much evil in their hearts they cannot comprehend what it would be like to be a moral person just because it feels right.

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