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Subject:  Re: Amy Alert! Date:  2/27/2001  11:17 AM
Author:  OldFatherHubbord Number:  254 of 25507

The Dinosaur extinction was the K-C boundary, the cretacious-tertiary boundary between the mesozoic (age of reptiles) and the cenazoic (age of mamals). This was 65 mya. The P-T boundary was the mass extinction of 250 mya. This was the permian triasic boundary between the paleozoic (age of fish) and the mesozoic. Unless there was a new find, the last I was taught, this mass extinction was not caused by a comet, but was caused by the coalecence of the continents back into a one supercontinent stage (pangea) The enormouse environmental change wiped out 95% of the pre-existing biomass alowing for the next age to begin. The reptiles became dominant then because they occupied the niches that were freed by the death of anphibians who previously occupied those niches.

Note: A niche is a type of action or area in an ecosystem. i.e. eating fruit fro