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Subject:  Is Weird Sex Evil & Condemned? Date:  3/2/2001  2:33 PM
Author:  TiftS Number:  44982 of 199080

We have going in here a thread about homosexuality
and as we all know the Bible seems to prohibit that
sex practice ; and we all can see how filthy it is
e.g. in anal sex.

What about other sex practices much in vogue as of
late ...

E.g. women want to try mutliple partners together
as in a gang bang with 5-50 guys (witness the famous
record breaker of 632 guys with one girl at one occasion in Dallas)

Others want to explore sex with animals which seems
clearly prohibited no matter how large a horse or
donkey's part is ... and some might not be aware
that were / are laws on the books making such a
felony as it is possible to produce an offspring from
such practices e.g. esp with sheep ... as you see
those laws began in England ... (check out how wooly
you might be if English descended)

And some pursue snakes, eels, fish , even mice to
run a track .

And today also e.g. the extreme- as sex via hand / fist
double fist / foot causing extreme expansion but 2nd
perhaps to the traffic cone.

Are NOT ...
ALL these arborrent as the reason for sex is proceation
with a life partner in God's image and so all the above
while causing e.g. extreme multiple releases are NOT
in that approved mode.... !!!!

OR ...
is anything you can imagine that causes release an
approved MODE ... ???

Many can cite verses and scriptures indicating as
we all know that single partner normal position sex
as the ONLY allowed sex ...

What do most of you TRULY think ....

And I am esp concerned that all of the above is
e.g. ON AOL , on the internet available to SMALL
children in a few clicks ... and so in few days
or week or so, having totally courrupted those small
kids forever e.g. making them BELIEVE for sure that
all of the above is NORMAL !!!!
IS IT , i think NOT !!!

IS IT, if you and your spouse agree ???? !!!!
NO or maybe ?????

Should you tell your partner if you try some of
the above ????

I would like to see a real Christian discussion
without verse quoting but instead the CURRENT reality
of what is normal and ok .... Can that ever be
formulated ????


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