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Subject:  Re: LT investors, think before you short Date:  3/16/2001  3:35 PM
Author:  bfeddish Number:  7734 of 44621

>>Do not go with the trend (shorting) if you are NOT a professional, a true professional, trading with millions of your money, or hundreds of millions of other people's money. If you're a small long term investor with a couple of hundred thousand in equities, you are as ill equipped to short as you are to set a new deep sea diving record or para-glide from the side of a 12,000 foot mountain. <<

I'm confused. What exactly is a professional? It seems the professionals told me to buy eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc. when they were hot. They said, it's the “New Economy”; you don not need to make a profit as a new economy company. Lets take Yahoo! For instance. It was a hot stock to buy for a while. I sat on the sidelines purchasing blue chips and other “quality companies”. I could not bring myself to buy it and here's why. I am a software developer and Yahoo is a search engine. A piece of software that I could probably write in a few days. That's it. So someone thinks this is worth billions of dollars? “But they have adds..they are a content aggregate” everyone says. When was the last time anyone out there has clicked on an add and bought something out to the blue? Companies are going to start to realize the money they are dumpin