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Subject:  The future of DAP? Date:  4/18/2001  1:33 PM
Author:  tobarstep Number:  35 of 45

sleeper2 wrote:

Same store sales will begin to decline. Competition (fair or unfair)from Walmart will be relentless. Creative lease/finance arrangements will take away value of real estate from share holders. Wholesaleing to repair shops is currently the only saving grace and admittedly does offer management an opportunity. I'm just not convinced they're up to it. Middle management may be great, but top management (let's see, have they been without a president for a few months and no one seems to care???) is asleep at the wheel. Partnerships with companies selling on the web with little physical presence could produce win/win results. (Whoops, sorry for using another buzz word.) We're simply not going to return to the days of changing oil and fan belts in the driveway. Someone with a degree in astrophysics probably couldn't figure it out anyway!!
If you are in at $6, you have proven to be a smart short term investor, congratulations! I remain convinced the company must change dramatically to survive another 10 years.

Same store sales have already declined; that is what they are working on fixing. I doubt WalMart is going to be any more relentless in their development of the auto parts category than any other. I personally work in grocery retail. WalMart has certainly come on strong in that category, but grocery retailers are still doing fine. Yes, they have been without a president, but they are looking for one. It's not like they can just post in the classifieds "Multi-million dollar company needs President". Oil and belts are still easy to change (spark plugs on a Ford Ranger are another matter, best left to the experts I have discovered). Certainly DAP must change to survive. All companies have to adapt to ever changing market conditions. If they can't do that, they don't deserve to survive. The Pro2Call initiative is slowly but surely turning a profit. That area will certainly see further development. As far as teaming up with an internet retailer goes, I don't see why they should. I mean, internet retailers have all done so well themselves, I doubt they would need a traditional retailer to team up with them.
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