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Subject:  Re: Social Security Reform Date:  5/4/2001  3:46 PM
Author:  1HappyFool Number:  37532 of 875606

I am all for cutting out the bozos from the government table, but a lot of people need a structure imposed on them and I do not want to see survival of the fittest for senior citizens. We are more decent than that as a nation.

An excellent post!

Before SS was created, every attempt that the government made toward designing a mandatory private social insurance (anti-poverty insurance) was unofficially ruled unconstitutional by Supreme Court judges who were consulted to ensure that the legislators weren't simply wasting their time. It was only through using the loophole that Uncle Sam has the "power to levy taxes" and employ those taxes to "promote the general welfare" that SS was deemed constitutional. IOW, only by making it a government program and funded by taxes was it legal to force people to enter a future income pool. From there it was all downhill. Once you throw something into the legislative arena, it becomes fair game for every kind of scheme that professional schemers (politicians) can dream up. SS is no longer recognizable as insurance. It is simply welfare except for the fact that even those who are wealthy remain eligible while only those who are "unemployable" are eligible without first contributing.

We as a society are "better than that", but the problem is that the only mechanism for enforcement involves the use of government. If we left it up to the states, nothing would be done because people would leave or avoid states with high taxation and move to states with high benefits. The burden therefore falls to the federal government and the burden for fixing the problem falls to our elected representatives in Congress. Unfortunately, we are discovering the truth of a statement that I believe was made by Alexis de Toqueville, "Democracy will perish when the voters discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses".


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