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Subject:  Re: HELP - NAV on Cashout Date:  5/22/2001  12:43 PM
Author:  momfsa Number:  29839 of 78168

I agree that I would try to work it out with the insurance company (IC) first. Other sources of help might be:
1) Your state insurance department,
2) The better business bureau,
3) I believe the American Council on Life Insurance (ACLI) has a policyholder assistance departement.

However, now that I've said that, I will also propose a scenario stating that this might not have been intentional by the IC:
You faxed your request letter on 5/16. If you did so before the market closed on 5/16, and the IC processed your request on that day (required to process within 24 hours by the SEC), your transaction date might have been shown as 5/15 to pick up the NAV as of the close of business on 5/15. In a "perfect world", both transactions would have closed on 5/15. In the real world, IC's might have hundreds of employees processing transactions. Just because your transactions were logged into the system in a particular order, does not mean tha