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Subject:  Re: What's cookin'? Date:  5/24/2001  10:21 AM
Author:  StarWarriorRie Number:  7 of 21260

What kind of cookware do you use?

Depends on what it's for. Stainless Steel pots and pans, glass baking containers for certain foods, ceramic for others.

Do you have any hints, techniques, or suggestions for using it effectively?

Um, nope...I firmly believe that each cook needs to find their own path.

What's your favorite spice? Why?

I can't answer this. It all depends on what I am in the mood for. Mexican spices, Italian spices, Indian spices etc..I love them all.
(I don't really consider garlic a's like peppers and onions...)

Your least favorite? Why?

Salt...I personally find it is overused and often covers instead of enhances favors. 2nd least favorite is (Not sure of spelling) A Thai Spice Kaffa Lime Leaves. I tend to just skip this ingredient when cooking Thai.

What are your favorite type of things to cook?

Um..I dunno. I love cooking new and interesting dishes. I love cooking dishes my friends and family want to eat.

Do you specialize in any ethnic cuisines? What appeals to you about them?

Nope. As eclectic in my cooking as in my life. :-)

How do you handle leftovers? Serve them again as-is? Disguise them so your S.O. won't recognize them?

Again it depends. Some leftovers are great left just as they are. As a matter of fact there are some foods that taste better when allowed to sit overnight as leftovers. I do tend to cook large amounts of food. I like to make lunches out of the leftovers for StarFire. Sometimes I cook extra food so I can reuse parts of it in various other dishes. Never to disguise just for variety.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in your cooking?
um...I've never thought there was any challenge in cooking, just enjoyment.

Do you cook or bake, or both?
Both, although I hardly ever bake. I am not into sweets very much. I used to bake a lot when I lived near all my kids. :-)

Do you use recipes? Only as guides? Need absolute measurements (you probably won't like this board so well)? Just make it up as you go along?

Again it depends. I tend to use recipes mostly as a guide, except when baking. Sometimes when it's a brand new recipe I will follow (as closely as my brain will allow) the recipe.

Looking forward to this board...

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