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Subject:  Re: What's cookin'? Date:  5/24/2001  11:11 AM
Author:  TMFRavynous Number:  9 of 21260

What kind of cookware do you use? Do you have any hints, techniques, or suggestions for using it effectively?

I have misc junk for the most part. I do have a nice, but small stainless steel pan that I adore, it's virtually non-stick. What I need is a nice cast iron. I may check out the thrift store this weekend. I also have some stoneware that I use for in the oven stuff. Almost forgot, my beloved crockpot.

What's your favorite spice? Your least favorite? Why?

Garlic is the "flavor" I use most frequently. I go through 3 - 5 cloves a week. Spices an "Italian mix". Fresh organo, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, dried basil (I'm growing fresh this summer: goal? fresh pesto.

What are your favorite type of things to cook?

EL is a notorious meat and potatos man. So I try and find ways to dress up the meat. Frequently I'll fix plain vegs for him and get more creative with mine. Give him plain boiled potatos and make mine garlic mashed. I try to minimize cooking 2 meals. I usually use the crock pot at least 2x a week and as many as 4 depending on what I'm cooking. When I fix dinner the night before crockpotting, I do the chopping for the cp and toss it in and let it start until bed time, then toss it in the fridge until morning and put it on as I head out the door. From when I leave, until I get home it can be as much as 12 hours, so major cooking just isn't my style during the week.

Do you specialize in any ethnic cuisines? What appeals to you about them?

The only ethnic cuisine I cook unless you count Southern as ethnic, is some Russian. Currently I'm hampered in that given I"m not willing to pay $2.75/lb for mushrooms.

How do you handle leftovers? Serve them again as-is? Disguise them so your S.O. won't recognize them?

It's a challenge. The only str8 leftover EL will eat is mac and cheese. I try as much as possible not to have leftovers, I generally buy only enough meat for 2, or if it's more freeze it for later. However, I do end up with some and disguise them well.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in your cooking?

Finding the time and audience to try all the recipes I want to try.

Do you cook or bake, or both?

Bout the only baking I do is occasional breads and rolls. I don't need sweets and EL won't eat them.

Do you use recipes? Only as guides? Need absolute measurements (you probably won't like this board so well)? Just make it up as you go along?

I generally use recipes as a guideline or jumping off point. I also tend to "recipe average". Read