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Subject:  Re: CC+Student Loans=$150K: Help! Date:  5/24/2001  3:01 PM
Author:  aja91 Number:  72401 of 312161

From aja91 re r:
. . . . . . It doesn't sound like the car expense is out of line, but have you considered if you need one? Do you live near a bus line, subway, or train that can get you to/from work? That may enable you to sell your car, eliminate that expense, and (possibly) get you some money to apply to your debts. . . . . . . . .

In some towns (the one renee is talking about for example . .. ) very few employers can really have their employees get to work on the bus. The majority of bus riders who can get to work here are state or university employees.... who of course make those challenging salaries!

Thanks for the clarification. It's always good to question expenses, but in this scenario it does not sound like dropping the car is an option.

but hey, I stick to my cheap job with the bus stop ($17 pass a mo) so I can live in the country without stressing myself out trying to drive over 22 miles a day.(11 x 2).

Lucky you! Mine's $32/month... though we do usually get $20 rates throughout the summer.
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