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Subject:  Re: What's cookin'? Date:  5/25/2001  8:48 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  38 of 21260

What kind of cookware do you use? Do you have any hints, techniques, or suggestions for using it effectively?

I have a mixed collection of stainless steel pots, aluminum pots, La Creuset pots & pans (love them. They can go from the stove to the oven and then into the refrigerator), Teflon frying pans and cast iron pans and a Dutch oven. I had more cast iron pots and pans but DW had a bad habit of letting them soak in the dishwater overnight so I gave most of them away.

What's your favorite spice? Your least favorite? Why?

About the only spices that I use much of is black pepper and mustard seed. I do use a lot of herbs, however. I usually have fresh basil all year (I have a greenhouse), parsley and cilantro in the winter (it bolts & goes to seed in May and won't resprout until October here in the deep south), rosemary (have a 12 year old bush outside the back door) and bay leaves (have bay tree on the side of the house). I also use plenty of garlic and onions. I don't have a least favorite spice.

What are your favorite type of things to cook?

I cook everything from chicken, pork, beef and/or shrimp-stir fry to sauerbraten and smoked brisket.

Do you specialize in any ethnic cuisines? What appeals to you about them?

I do some southeast Aisin along with Cajun, German, native American and middle eastern.

How do you handle leftovers? Serve them again as-is? Disguise them so your S.O. won't recognize them?

Every 5 or 4 days we have “leftover night” to finish off what we didn't eat for lunch.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in your cooking?

Getting my wife to do the dishes. (o;

Do you cook or bake, or both?

Mostly cook. I'll bake cookies for Christmas and an occasional cake for the Baptist Church's monthly pot luck supper.

Do you use recipes? Only as guides? Need absolute measurements (you probably won't like this board so well)? Just make it up as you go along?

I feel that in cooking, a recipe is only a rough guide. For baking, I will usually follow the recipe very closely.


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