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Subject:  large balance vs. small balance ?'s Date:  5/26/2001  11:02 PM
Author:  TDonofrio Number:  72764 of 312159

Hey all,

I have two questions I wanted to ask, and was hoping to receive some much needed feedback. Here's some background info

I recently became a customer of a credit counseling service. However out of the four credit accounts i needed assistence with they only helped with TWO! The two that they could not help out with are one which is an MBNA line of credit "through" gateway. (used to purchase a laptop) The other is well do to my prior foolishness of becoming a network marketing distributor. (i know, but try not to laugh, i'm still young!) The company is called leasecomm, and the agreement was for a merchant account machine. I owe $4000 to leasecomm however to my delight there is no interest! However on my MBNA line of credit I owe $1600 and have a WHOPPING 26.9% INTEREST! WHAT A MISTAKE! There's definately one instance I wish I read the fine print! I also have two credit cards being handled through my credit counseling agency. Both cards have just over $1000 total on them. I got the interest rates reduced by approximately 50%. (One cc is at 10% the other at 7%)

So here are my two questions;

1. What accounts should I pay off first? I know theoretically speaking it's more Foolish to pay off the account with the highest interest. Or should I make aggressive payments on the accounts that have low balances?????

2. Since I feel that there is no legitimate reason for my credit counseling agency for not handling my high interest line of credit account. (MBNA, gateway) Should I consider consulting a different agency for that one account???

Your feedback would be most appreciated!!!!!

Fool on!

Tristan (part time college student, and medical records clerk)
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