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Subject:  Re: OT: Reparations Date:  6/4/2001  10:01 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  40763 of 876437

"The reparations issue is gaining momentum even though we are finally leaving the decade of the victim behind. The article above points out that you'd have to take reparations money from citizens none of whom took part in slavery. It fails to point out that it would also be paying that money to blacks who are all several generations from slavery themselves."

Well, if we are going to settle 'Civil WAr' debts, since it was a war of rebellion, with the southern states in civil disobedience, I'm sure that we can go after all the former residents of the south to pay damages to the folks (and descendants) of the north. That means, that we want the southern states to compensate all the survivors of the north, the families who lost men during the war, and their progeny.
Matters not that ALL residents of said southern states may not have participated. That they are now residents is more than sufficient.

I figure the damages would be equivalent to about what the 'slave' reparations would be. Of course, descendents of residents, say those who were there in 1966, who moved north, would also have to pay their fair share of the compensation. Thus, 'freed' slaves and all their descendents who lived in the south but now live north would be required to pay their fair share to northern descendents, who had to put down the illegal civil action.

This gets absurd when you start looking for 'damages' generations later.

My great great grandparents were in the war. One was injured. Both lost lots of 'income' from their normal jobs as they were off fighting the war. Obviously, their families suffered from 'mental distress' not knowing if their breadwinners would ever come back. So we also seek punative damages of a couple trillion. plus interest.

And of course, all the land here belonged to the American Indians, and a lot of it was acquired through dubious means, so 'to set things right', we all simply deed over our property to them, and move out.

and on and on

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