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Subject:  Re: OT: Reparations Date:  6/4/2001  11:58 PM
Author:  SloanT Number:  40912 of 876383

Affirmative action has almost destroyed the post office and turned it into something that can barely deliver junk mail.


I'm intrigued by this, could you elaborate?

A link to another post on TMF that addresses reperations better than I could:

I find it difficult to comment on issues regarding African-Americans. I went to a high school (and jr high + elementary) that was about 40% hispanic, 50% white, and 10% asian. I believe there were 6 African-Americans in a school of over 1600. So, with no real comfort level due to historically no interaction, I try to be as PC as possible. Recently, I was discussing affirmative action with my chinese girlfriend's mother, who doesn't speak very good english (I don't know how I got on the topic...). Anyway, she made some comment about how they don't get good grades because they don't work hard, and they shouldn't get in and get scholarships w/o good grades. She asked if I agreed. My reply: "(lengthy pause) I am not . . . at liberty to . . . comment on this issue." After my girlfriend translated this produced some commotion and discussion among her parents.

Despite all the racial confrontations in the US, I believe we are lightyears ahead of most other countries. I have traveled in Europe and China, and they have little racial interaction and thus few race problems. In the future, in a more integrated world, I believe it will be a more difficult adjustment for other countries versus the US.

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