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Subject:  Re: OT: Reparations Date:  6/5/2001  12:25 AM
Author:  clifp Number:  40916 of 876057

I am always interested in how you handle somebody like Tiger Woods. Does the non-black portion of him pay the black portion or do we just call it a wash. Maybe instead of a reperations he will take a handicap for his golf score. On second thought, he doesn't need that, or course he probably doesn't need reperations.

Colin Powell is another interesting example, he is "African-American". He is parents are Jamican, now they were probably slaves at some point in his family. However, odds are good they were slaves in Jamica so maybe the British should pay him. Of course the British were actually good guys. Thousands of Royal Navy men died fighting the slave traders long before it become fashionable in Europe, America or Africa to be against slavery. So perhaps reperations for Colin Powell should come from the slave nations of Africa like Sierra Lone (sp), or the Ivory coast.

This nation paid a horrible price to free slaves. Walk through a civil war battleground and the cemetary next to them and you will get an idea how bad it was. A civil war widow got about $10, a slave got his freedom and his clothes on his back. Neither was appropriately compensated but 140+ years of history is to long a time to correct mistakes.
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