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Subject:  Re: OT: Reparations Date:  6/5/2001  2:06 AM
Author:  warrl Number:  40931 of 875610

The reparations issue is gaining momentum even though we are finally leaving the decade of the victim behind. The article above points out that you'd have to take reparations money from citizens none of whom took part in slavery. It fails to point out that it would also be paying that money to blacks who are all several generations from slavery themselves.

For that matter, the "reparations" scam would take money from whites whose ancestors, in the era in question, were serfs - little if any better than slaves - in eastern Europe, in order to pay that money to blacks whose ancestors, in the era in question, were slavers in Africa.

And if we are going to allow for reparations past the lives of both the offendors and the offended, why stop with American blacks? Virtually every cultural group in the world has held slaves, and has been enslaved. Virtually every cultural group in the world has been forced from its ancestral homeland by invaders, and forced others out of their ancestral homeland to make room. My Norse ancestors beat upon my Frankish ancestors and my Germanic ancestors, both of whom shoved my Celtic ancestors off their farms. Those unworthies, meanwhile, managed to cloak their predecessors in myth - including those people's wars against THEIR predecessors...

Innocents? Maybe on some of the Pacific islands. Maybe the First Peoples of South America... no, not the Indians, the ones who were there BEFORE them, having sailed over from Australia, who now survive as a mixed-ancestry tribe of a few dozen people on Tierra Del Fuego. There is a fair amount of evidence that these people inhabited most of South America, but no evidence that they engaged in war prior to the arrival of the Indians.

Non-victims? Almost certainly none.
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