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Subject:  Re: OT: Reparations Date:  6/5/2001  8:39 AM
Author:  FlyingCircus Number:  40949 of 875618

And of course, all the land here belonged to the American Indians, and a lot of it was acquired through dubious means, so 'to set things right', we all simply
deed over our property to them, and move out.

and on and on

Your Federal tax dollars, lobbyists and special interest lawyers at work. Shortly, if the correct political forces get aligned behind this, people who are opposed to reparations (the vast majority) will get named "racist". The NY Times, LA Times and Washington Post will pick up the banner and lead the fray. Politicians will be afraid of the negative publicity and losing the next election, and will begin debate. Billions of dollars are at stake. But in today's environment, "the public" can be convinced that everyone should feel privileged to pay only a few hundred dollars each to resolve their guilt over slavery. Never mind that over half of whatever outrageous sum of money will go to the class action lawyers pounding the table. The politicians can be made to feel guilty about something that is a non-issue.

The only way this snowball is going to get stopped is if the silent majority firmly lets it be known that it cannot happen.

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