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Subject:  Re: Capital One vs Husband #1. Date:  6/5/2001  9:42 AM
Author:  aja91 Number:  74552 of 312188

A few weeks ago here in my post office box shows an invite for husband #1 to get a CapOne card. Gold! So I take it over to his house, knowing full well this is a mistake. I have him sign the application and I send it in after filling in the information.Now my dilemma. Chase offered him a Platinum card- 2.9% for 9 months.

Should I tell him-- or will it just make it worse?


Wdg: Are you serious? You're gut instinct is already telling you the answer.


Just to post an opposite opinion... :-)

Wdg: it's pretty obvious the ex has no self-control when it comes to plastic. That said, the low rate on the balance transfer is something it would be smart for him to take advantage of. IF he doesn't turn around and run up charges on that card and the now free-and-clear other cards.

Now, I have no idea how involved you want to get in this situation, or if this will work, but it would be REALLY nice financially for him if the following could happen...

(1) Transfer all other balances to this low rate card.
(2) Have the limit on this card capped to the amount just transferred. ;-)
(3) Have all of the other cards be cancelled and shredded.

It would get his debts on one low-rate card and take away the ability to run up more debt. . .very Foolish of him!

Now, I have no idea if he gets CC offers at his primary residence, but I'm sure after such a scenario that there wouldn't be any more offers showing up for him for around 8 months, when it's time to do the whole thing again on the latest teaser rate card that just magically showed up...
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