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Subject:  Re: OT: Reparations Date:  6/5/2001  11:16 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  40975 of 876336

The reparations that are paid to Holocaust victims is based on what was lost. Not emotional loss, but the businesses, homes, etc. What will the basis be for the slaves of 150+ years ago?

I believe some of the reparations paid to Holocaust victims covered the value of their work in the German "slave-labor" camps. If there are people out there who think this compensation is unjust, they are keeping remarkably quiet about it.

If reimbursing slave labor for the victims of the Jewish Holocaust is the right thing to do, why is it wrong for the slave labor of Africans?


I do think that using American courts to try to collect on life insurance policies issued more than half a century ago to people living on another continent is an abuse of our courts. Ditto for slave labor compensation. I notice no one is lined up with a tin cup in front of the Russian embassy to collect for the far more extensive system of slave labor that existed for many more years, and the killings of civilians that were probably more numerous than that of the Nazis.

The war is over and has been for a long time. Refighting the war in American courts is just another expression of special interest politics by those who want to display their sores to the public.

Seattle Pioneer
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