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Subject:  Re: What's cookin'? Date:  6/5/2001  1:29 PM
Author:  Kilbia Number:  302 of 21260

What kind of cookware do you use? Do you have any hints, techniques, or suggestions for using it effectively?

I don't know. In fact, to be honest, I think I only have one piece that I bought myself (a blue ceramic-plated pot from the local Army-Navy store). Everything else was either Aaron's when he left for college, a hand-me-down from friends and relatives, or a gift/re-gift. (Got some really great non-stick bakeware as a re-gift. SIL's boyfriend's parents had bought it for Grandma, but she's quite happy with what she has and doesn't have anywhere to put new stuff, so when she caught me looking at it, she foisted it off on me. =)

What's your favorite spice? Your least favorite? Why?

Favorite: Garlic. I only know of one savory dish that didn't benefit from a little garlic (Mom's Saucy Beans recipe), and that's because I enjoy the memories attached to the dish as much as I enjoy the dish itself, so I've got to make sure it's replicated perfectly. =)<