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Subject:  Re: What's cookin'? Date:  6/5/2001  4:09 PM
Author:  ngg Number:  308 of 21260

I think Aaron has figured out that it only needs to not turn out the way I expected it to, and that a "really, honey, it's okay" does absolutely nothing to improve my mood. Well, that and the fact that he used to eat Easy Cheese on graham crackers doesn't do a whole lot for his credibility as a food critic. ;)


And I don't think I'll ever again be able to try and make a lasagna without boiling the noodles first. Failure #1 was a white lasagna, which had nowhere near enough liquid to penetrate the noodle and make it pliable during baking, and failure #2 sat in the fridge too long before baking and the noodles turned to sludge. #2 was an even more heartbreaking failure for me, because I was just certain that it'd be fine now that I'd learned from failure #1. Sigh.

Ah yes, cooking failures... We've all had them, of course. I think my two biggest disasters were:

1. Stuffed bell peppers. Didn't remember whether I was supposed to cook the rice before stuffing the peppers with the hamburger mixture. Rather than trying to look up a recipe, I winged it, and didn't cook the rice. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The result was crunchy and inedible.

2. Deciding to try to recreate one of my mother's 1950's recipes one night when DH wanted me to cook dinner, but to try to make it healthier. It was a basic chicken in cream of mushroom soup, and I used boneless, skinless chicken and fat-free "cream" of mushroom soup. It was revolting. DH suggested that we could perhaps reuse the chicken in something else if we washed it off, but I was so disgusted that I insisted on throwing it away. The only thing successful about the venture was that DH didn't suggest that I cook again for quite some time! ;')

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