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Subject:  Re: Consciousness and its relationship to Evolut Date:  6/7/2001  12:31 PM
Author:  coolerthanranch Number:  1444 of 25503

Something has to experience conciousness: it is a subjective quality. Hence whatever runs the set of programs (into my way of thinking) with the appropriate input and output will experience conciousness.

Now we are back to consciousness being a quality existing in the mind. I hope we can figure out mind before we go on to its qualities (or is it states, or is it a property? A red folding chair has the property of being red, but may have the states of being folded or unfolded. I need a little more precision or else I lose the thread.

Ummm, my bad. But my bad 'cause its easy to slip into a linguistic trap here. Conciousness is a subjective process that exists in the brain. The mind is a result of that subjective state. Its not a property.

And whatever runs the programs .. will experience consciousness. But we've got that mind thing again. Does everything have a mind which may burst forth into consciousness if it is capable of, and happens to, run the appropriate programs?

No, anything that experiences conciousness can have a mind. Thus anything that runs the programs can experience conciousness.

Hence a scientific description of conciousness is of necessity a detailed elaboration of the processes that are necessary and sufficient to be up and running while the organism in question is experiancing conciousness.

Are these processes like UNIX processes? And consciousness is something which can be experienced? Is it this mind that you keep referencing in