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Subject:  Re: OT - I hope I'm Wrong (long rant) Date:  6/8/2001  11:09 PM
Author:  FlyingCircus Number:  41414 of 875591

There's even a chance that if we
sat down and had a beer, we'd enjoy each other's company.

But after your post, that would be difficult; I'm not sure either of us would be comfortable...

followed by
I, on the other hand, am not enjoying the
descent into mistrust and suspicion. There seems to be no effort to find common ground and mutual interest, and that makes us
all very much poorer.

These two thoughts represent everything that Pablum is ranting about, yet the author could never see the point. "We wouldn't be comfortable having a beer" because you, Pablum, disagree with me and my approach. This starts down the slippery slope into "Pablum is dangerous" (a favorite of the left) and the very neo-fascism he writes about. By contrast, one of Winston Churchill's most effective tactics was to frequently invite his opponents (the ones he respected, anyway) to dinner to debate the issues of the day. If nothing else, as an intellectual exercise.

Which leads to "there's no effort to find common ground..." This is classic. There's no effort to move to your common ground - based on the assumption that "I'm right, you could never be anything but wrong". Looking over the cliff again into "and we're going to make sure these nasty people are re-educated into our Correctness". Why does the effort to move to common ground always have to come from the people who disagree with you, and never you?

Why is it that when the left (who are now conservatives of the new fascism) speak out against the right, the major media frame it in terms as if the right were errant, selfish children that just need to be taught the enlightened way? But when the right (who are now liberals against the new fascism) speak out against the left, the major media frame it as inflammatory, racist, classist, whatever-ist and especially dangerous anti-socialist radicalism that needs to be crushed?

FC (who doesn't approve of religious fascists any more than leftist fascists)
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