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Subject:  Re: SONS Date:  6/26/2001  5:55 PM
Author:  stevieoh Number:  6053 of 36751

But I realize how dumb I was and I know it was 100% my fault. I have to be sure it never happens again. But I know I can make money. Maybe not as fast as before or as much. But I have to get going because I have to keep up with all my bills.

Eddie your awesome, I could have almost written your post as my own - especially the last part! When I started, I could do no wrong...bought calls on NVLS, CIEN and AMAT were my favorites....raked in some huge $$$ in 2 days like I could not believe.

Then puts, then more calls, then more puts, then more puts and still more puts.......then......... that evil suprise rate cut hit and I lost over 90% as my puts on QCOM expired worthless..uuggghh <sigh>, I got out of my 60 puts on NVLS for only a 95% about an idiot. what WAS I thinking?????

Well I am only glad that it was money that I knew I was putting at risk, but I never really knew HOW MUCH risk until it was gone - and there was no going to get a bag of money from the store either....what a jack ass - I learned the hardest way there was, and to tell you the truth, I don't think I would have learned as good a lesson had it happened any other way!

But I do not wish that on anyone and will try to save anyone who may be on that path. Thats why I envy Janny, she started small and built up her account.....the smart way to start.

As for me, I quit my job in Dec., took a few courses that I would not reccommend and have never worked at anything so hard in all my life - the heck of it is - is I wonder when it'll all finally pay off?

Since I have found this board and others on the fool, the fool has been the best resource for info I have found. This is by far my favorite board and I learn alot from here everyday - I'm just glad you found this place and ask, post and add your .02 often!
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