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Subject:  Re: dishonesty Date:  7/9/2001  5:02 PM
Author:  sandert Number:  30079 of 44392

I've been with my gf for almost 2 years now. We are very serious – we have bought a house together.

I am pretty much fanatical about being honest. I would never lie or cheat on her,

Buying a house together isn't that serious. Kids, marriage, organ transplants... that's serious.

You would never lie or cheat, but you would wake someone up to question (read browbeat) them about their oral grooming habits? Why would it matter in the first place?

I went in the bathroom and was very upset and shoveled the contents of the counter into the sink, breaking some things and then was getting my stuff ready to leave.
She got very upset and I didn't have the heart to leave so I slept on the couch. This morning I told her to make an appointment with her therapist today and start preparing to be alone.

Do the girl a favor and take off, then do yourself a favor and make an appointment with a therapist. You didn't have the heart to leave? Why didn't you have the heart to let someone go to bed with halitosis?

I know that we aren't getting the whole story and I will now apologise for what I am about to say, if I am out of line. From what you have written, I am not, but I know that it is hard for someone to really express everything when they are upset.

I feel sorry for the poor girl to have such a low self esteem to be stuck with a loser like you.
My second though is that you are an abusive, controlling ..... who has so browbeaten this woman that she would be willing to put up with you.
You show several of the classic signs of an abuser:
1. Inflexible on certain issues.
2. Awaken the victim to "confront" them. This put them at a disadvantage.
3. Cause a scene, breaking personal items.
4. Threats.

I bet my dog wouldn't like you.

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