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Subject:  Re: Great site for Amway/Quixtar prospects Date:  7/17/2001  5:02 PM
Author:  LuckyBuddah Number:  1719 of 4337

Casinos also do everything that they agree to. They pay the winners and take from the doesn't make for an equal arrangement between parties though. If I decided that I would take everything I own, head to Vegas, and play craps until I was either finacially secure or dead broke, and was passionate about doesn't make me a sucess, it makes me an idiot. The people who choose not to play craps until all of their money is gone are not chickens, they are people who realize that the odds are stacked so heavily against them that they enjoy their night out and don't try to make a career out of it just because several of their friends have actually walked away from the table winners. I think that this is the analogy that many of the people on this board are trying to get accross to you. Regardless of how passionate and focused and determined you might be, you're still rolling di