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Subject:  Ruling in Leclezio, et ux. V. First American Date:  7/18/2001  1:29 PM
Author:  scarfessefaf Number:  155 of 174

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 99-36190.
District Court No. C98-1198Z.
The ruling against Leclezio in favor of First American should be widely published, cited and broadly disseminated. It constitutes an absolute and complete victory for First American. It creates such an unprecedented precedent that all future cases of alleged fraud, trampling over recorded documents, tortious interference with a partners recorded expectations, tampering with documents, intimidation of witnesses and perjury should rely heavily on it. The findings and the ruling of the trial court as affirmed by the Ninth Circuit court of appeals set a new standard in the American judicial system. The benefits of this novel standard should be extended to all professional and private elements of American society.
The generous provisions of R.C.W. 48-29-010 should not be restricted to the title industry only. Otherwise such a restriction would open itself for challenge as being discriminatory. All classes of profession and individuals should now be permitted “ad lib.” to bill and collect money for services rendered and information provide