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Subject:  Humor and Urban Legends FAQ 1.0 Date:  7/24/2001  10:41 AM
Author:  Enilkrennad Number:  7340 of 175767

Humor and Urban Legends (a.k.a. HURL)
Revision 1

Why does this board exist?

Hopefully if people have an outlet to share the interesting email forwards they receive, they will refrain from forwarding everything they get to everyone in their address book. And those of us who do not want to subscribe to ten different humor mailing lists can just drop by this board for a good laugh.

What kinds of things should I post?

Anything you find funny. Anything you know is an Urban Legend that you find interesting. Anything you suspect might be an Urban Legend but you want to confirm with the rest of the board.

Are vulgar and profane jokes ok?

Well, theoretically, TMF guidelines apply to this board just as they do to every other board. "Cuss" words are often frowned upon and posts containing them frequently get removed. "Gross" jokes or sexually explicit jokes usually don't get pulled. All we can say is, you should obey the Fool's Rules. Other than that, post it. Just be aware that some people Fool Alert content they find offensive. There are no guarantees.

What kinds of things should I avoid posting?

1) Spam.
2) Spam.
3) Spam.

Chain letters, advertisements, anything that tells you that, "you will get $439.72 for every person you forward this email to," and pleas to help little Suzie with a brain tumor by "sending this email to as many people as possible," are all SPAM. Be gone with you.

Should I reply to one joke with another, or post under a new subject?

Sometimes it is appropriate to create a thread of related jokes by replying to one joke with another that has a similar theme. But be aware that some people read only the