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Subject:  Re: My Rant About Federal Taxes! Date:  7/25/2001  12:58 PM
Author:  nparsn Number:  82924 of 312185

My BF is from France, and we often discuss/argue about taxes vis à vis our respective countries.

For instance, in France you have to pay a yearly tax for owning a TV (The french govt is still sending him letters saying they are going to seize his assets if he doesn't pay up for this year even after all the 20 letters of proof we've sent them saying he's left the country since last October...), a yearly tax just for "inhabiting" (like a property tax, but applicable to renters also), a 20ish% sales tax, and on and on and on...
On the other hand, you get almost universal healthcare, monthly subsidies per child you have, monthly subsidies for rent automatically if you are a college student or simply if your income to rent ratio is too low... and on and and on and on...

Our discussions invariably lead to the same conclusion, taxes come and different sizes and shapes and forms (here, you have to pay to renew your driver's license every few years, while over there it's for life), and are irrelevant to a certain extent, what is important is what you get for your tax dollar on the aggregate, which is really hard to quantify (if anybody has tried, let me know!).

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