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Subject:  OT: car question Date:  7/26/2001  8:07 PM
Author:  eachna Number:  83221 of 312187

I know the answer is going to be "take it to a mechanic, Gwen"...but, I thought I'd ask on the board and find out whether I should be bracing myself to be told "it's 2 weeks away from death" or not.

I have a 1994 Honda civic LX (or, is it DX? The "middle" model). One of my friends, whose blown out TWO engines from lack of proper maintenance, scared the b'jeezus out of me by asking if I'd checked the oil recently. I said "No". I'd just had the oil changed about 1k earlier. It's only got 80k miles on it. My reaction was "Why would I check the oil???". He said the engine was making a suspicious clicking noise.

As far as I know, it's made that noise "forever". Prolly not *really* forever, but, at least the last year or so. Long enough that I can't remember a time when it *didn't* make that noise.

Now, if there's anything that I know less about than money, it's cars. I know the theory behind a combustion engine. I know *how* to check the oil (Remove dipstick. Wipe. Re-insert dipstick. Look at dipstick. Look for little line on dipstick). I know an air filter is held down by a wing nut. I can pump my own gas. Otherwise, I don't know *squat* about cars. I give a nice mechanic my car keys, and I accept whatever he tells me, and I hand him plastic to pay for whatever he says is broken (at least it's Foolish plastic and my debit card).

My husband destroyed a 6k high-performance truck engine by neglecting oil changes till it almost seized up because it was being driven with no oil. My sharp-eared buddy mentioned at the beginning of the post was the one who noticed *that* situation when I was driving the truck.

I'm now worried that maybe my car engine is in similar straights. I *will* take my car to the mechanic, but, I *don't* have time to do it for almost a week. I have work the next 5 days, as does hubby. there any reason an engine might make clicking noises similar to the sound when it's been damaged by being driven without oil (or enough oil), but, the oil level is just fine? For at least a year? And, when it's inspected and tuned up, nothing was commented on as being out of the ordinary?

(shaking in my boots)

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