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Subject:  Re: Help! My Social Security is in Lucent Date:  7/28/2001  8:48 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  46674 of 794387

SeattlePioneer writes,

<<<In my view, paying government benefits to people who don't need them is a stupid concept.>

In my view being forced into paying SS taxes for 40+ years and then being told "we decided you do not need the benefits" is also a stupid concept. I would compare it to being held up at gun point. The entire system has always been based on forcibly having to pay your SS taxes and then earning credits for each quarter that you have worked. BTW, all employees have earned less salary each year because of the share that employers have also been forced to pay in.

First of all I'd like to apologize for the use of the word "stupid" in the remark above. I think it's a mistake to pay benefits to people who don't need them.

But you and I are in agreement about the onerous nature of Social Security and Medicare taxes. The question is --- what are you willing to do about that? If you keep benefits the same, I think there will be a whole host of new taxes and tax increases to keep the system afloat.