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Subject:  Re: Help! My Social Security is in Lucent Date:  7/28/2001  10:00 PM
Author:  YZF1K Number:  46678 of 876084

But the well off middle class who like to talk about personal responsibility (like myself) should step up to the plate and offer to take the hit on Social Security benefits to prevent working people from being further exploited.

I guess I missed the connection between "personal responsibility" and taking 15% away from me my entire working life (in addition to having taxes already be the single highest item on my budget) under the guise of making me eliglible for SS only to have the government say in the end, "Sorry, you have too much money saved. Maybe you should have bought the new cars, new computers, vacations, and all the other stuff you did without all those years, after all."

If SS is going to become welfare, in that it becomes an outflow of wealth in the present with an explicit statement that there will be no offsetting inflow, at all, for some people in the future, put it in the budget like any other welfare entitlement, move the taxes into the income tax structure, and let people see what their real tax rate is, since SS "contributions" will no longer be buying inclusion in the program for many.

"working people"? Do the "well off middle class" not work? How'd so many of them get well off, otherwise? If "working people" means "poor" say "poor". If it means something else, say something else. I've had a job putting in 60+ hours a week in a warehouse for about minimum wage and one putting in 60+ hours programming for considerably more. Was I "working" in the former job, but not the latter? What does "working people" mean, as you use the term, because I get the distinct impression that I would be one of the one's taking the hit in your SS scenario?

-- Mark
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